Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Rage and Recovery

Lottie’s therapy is shockingly effective. Taissa and Lottie discuss The Other Taissa. “She’ll always be a part of you,” Lottie says. Shauna loses the goat after he chews through the rope and Misty, avoiding therapy, helps her find him. As they search, Misty and Shauna discuss the whole “we hid a body together” thing, and it’s clear things are coming to a head for Shauna. One of Lottie’s followers tells Shauna that her care is “intertwined with the kid,” referring to the name for a baby goat, but Shauna internalizes “kid.”

She tracks down Lottie and tells her she doesn’t care about the “big message” because she’s not going to kill the goat, clearly a response to her thinking “I’m not going to kill this kid.” Lottie tells her there was never a plan for the goat to die, and the relief washes over Shauna in a devastating way. She immediately bursts into tears and it sparks a confession about how she views herself as a mother, and how her losing her baby in the cabin has been detrimental to her relationship with her daughter, Callie. “I think something is broken, Lottie,” she cries.

Meanwhile, Misty finally enters the sensory deprivation tank and has a hallucinatory experience featuring Walter telling her he loves her in Morse code. It’s as if David Lynch directed a one-act absurdist musical, and it’s phenomenal. Her beloved bird Caligula appears in a full-body bird suit … and he’s also John Cameron Mitchell. God, I love this show. This scene will absolutely be lost on a lot of “Yellowjackets” younger viewers who may not understand the weirdness shows were able to get away with the pre-algorithm era, but this moment exemplifies why the show is so great.

Anyway, Misty then decides to call Walter from the commune and leave an unhinged lovesick voicemail that borders on delusion. Oh, Misty.

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