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TRIGGER WARNING: Those familiar with Matt Walsh and his views on Transgenderism should know what to expect when watching this documentary. These are his views and findings, and my review of this movie is based solely on the material presented in the film and my opinion of said material. If you have issues with the questioning of the Trans lifestyle, open debate about it, and/or criticisms about Trans-related topics, then you probably shouldn’t read this review and direct your attention to something more…safe.

As the country celebrates the LGBTQIA+ festivities known as PRIDE month, we are painfully reminded of how divided we are on the subject of gay and queer matters. But nothing is more divisive than the ideology surrounding the Trans community as it relates to traditional gender roles in our society.

What is a woman? A question any one of us could have answered less than ten years ago without flinching is now undefinable by even medical physicians. As the Trans community has gotten more vocal and mainstream, the conversation about gender has become a hot-button issue that has been the fuel for outrage on both sides of the political aisle. And now, as we’re in 2022, we can’t answer what used to be a simple question:

What is a woman?

Matt Walsh: Author, Political Commentator, and host of the Matt Walsh Show on the Daily Wire, poses this very question to a number of medical experts, psychologists, and, yes…women. What is a woman is a deep dive into the conversation of: “are Trans women real women,” and, more important, does biology matter anymore.

I’m just going to put this out there. It’s no secret that Walsh, to say the least, is a right-wing provocateur who goes hard after anything “liberal” whether it be on his show or in his tweets. He has been outspoken about the Trans movement for the past couple of years, gaining more and more followers who believe in his cause.

But it wasn’t until he published his best-selling children’s book, “Johnny The Walrus,” an allegory for children who believe they’re Trans, that he became more of a household name. This led to the famous Dr. Phil episode where he sat opposite a Transgender couple and where he first posed the question to them, “What is a woman,” to which the transgender couple had no honest answer. This episode and this question sparked the idea for this movie.

So… What is a woman?

If I took a shot of whiskey every time, Walsh genuinely asked this question in the film, I would’ve lost my liver. Walsh asked everyone from “medical experts,” politicians, and professors, to just normal people on the street this question. Unfortunately, he either received non-answers posing as answers or no answer at all. Some even stopped in the middle of the interview and just left without explanation. Watching this happen countless times throughout the film, I even became frustrated with why people can’t just give him a real answer.

But it wasn’t just the question of “what is a woman” that he tackles in this film. To no one’s surprise, male-to-female trans athletes were discussed as well. And you can’t even hop on social media without seeing controversial college swimmer Lia Thomas’ name mentioned at least several times a day for shattering women’s swimming records that no biological woman has even come close to. But Thomas isn’t the only trans-athlete in women’s sports. As the film shows, this is happening at colleges all over the country. And as this is becoming the norm, biological-female students are being threatened or shamed into silence for speaking out against what they consider a majorly unfair advantage.

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