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DANCES WITH FILMS 2022 REVIEW! Frank Kelley’s short film, The Critic, is the story of high-end hotel critic Meghan Dupane (Julia Collier), who is on assignment at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables, Florida. The hotel is massive in scale—an imposing structure inspired by Spanish architecture and surrounded by a finely manicured golf course (unaffordable to even the best film critic).

Meghan’s work trip is relatively standard. She checks in, chats with the check-in staff makes a few minor requests, and secret jots down a few notes. After settling in, she heads off to play a few holes and then an elegant dinner.

“Meghan’s peaceful solitude is interrupted by the arrival of charming Jack Tupper…”

Meghan’s peaceful solitude is interrupted by the arrival of charming Jack Tupper (Nick Puya), who imposes himself upon Meghan and joins her for dinner. From afar, Jack realized that Meghan was a critic on a secret stay, and he offered to take her on a private tour. This tour involved a golf lesson, long conversations by the fountain, and a walk-through of the hotel’s most expensive private room—which alerts hotel security.

The Critic is a romantic adventure of two out-of-place souls finding one another in a luxurious, affluent setting. But, like true love, it’s not the posh setting that brings them together but the connection between Jack and Meghan. Leads Collier and Puya have great chemistry on-screen to pull off the quick romance. For writer/director Kelley, he weaves together a simple tale of love leading to a surprising ending fit for fans of the romance genre.

The Critic screens at the 2022 Dance With Films.

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