While cruising the streets and back alleys of many of the world’s cities, looking for young homeless men to accompany me to my hotel souls in need of salvation, I am constantly reminded of the depths of suffering some humans are willing to inflict upon themselves. It makes me think of home, our flock, and the Confession Booth. While I, the most reverend Reverend, ruminated on this matter I was visited by a vision.


It was a vision of the Goddess Gal Gadot, eating cake, and she demanded more sin to feast upon as mere cake was not sating her desires for sin. Must have been gluten free.

She demands our souls are unburdened of sin to feed her. She will feast upon them as a hillbilly feasts on cornbread, leaving you drained. Empty and exhausted, just like the sinners I find on my missionary trips abroad.


One of our flock, Andy Dufresne, comes through once again with the subject of this confession to feed the Goddess Gal Gadot. He feels our congregation suffers the sins of suckage. That we revel in the movies that might be the work of Beelzebub or, as we call her, Amy Schumer, the stealer of tampons and whisperer of vagina based riddles. so enter the booth, lay yourself bare, promise not to tell the Bishop about any of this, and confess…

What crappy movie that you really enjoyed would you like to see made into a series on a streaming service?

The sinning little scamp even went as far to suggest Damnation Alley as it was cheesy fun with a cool vehicle so could make a great adventure series. He even suggested camp classic Megaforce, Goddess help him! Look how happy Hunter’s men are at the thought of getting a good, hard commissioning.

You, too, can feel this happy and gay. So very gay. So incredibly gay and so very, very butch in those skin tight jumpsuits. So ready for action. So…

Sorry. Was distracted there. Where was I? Oh yes, confession. The Confession Booth is open so you must enter firmly and confess. CONFESS!


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