‘The Boys’ Fans Come Together to Grieve A Devastating Loss

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After watching three grotesquely mind-bending episodes of The Boys season 3, the online community has only one thought: Timothy deserved better.

The Boys has always been a brutal show, ever since A-Train ran through Hughie’s girlfriend and started this whole mess in the first few minutes of the series premiere. But despite all the gruesome elements that the show packed into its first two seasons, it seems that showrunner Eric Kripke and co. have returned for another run with one purpose in mind, and that is to outdo themselves in every regard.

And so, it’s hardly surprising to see that despite all the head-poppings and gut spillage in the first three episodes of season 3, the most harrowing scene involves the Deep involuntarily killing another sea creature; this time by eating it.

At one point during the show, the Deep and his wife Cassandra have sex in their quarters, with the disgraced superhero getting distracted by his octopus Timothy. Later, when Homelander suggests reintroducing the Deep into the Seven, the pair have lunch with Ashley and Cassandra.

Being the vicious bastard that he is, Homelander brings out Timothy and forces the Deep to eat him alive, which leads to arguably the show’s most disgusting moment to date. Now, the online community is coming together to mourn the tragic death of Timothy the Octopus, who, in his final moments, decided to pray for his life and that of his children.

The fact that Timothy was thinking about his kids in those final moments is a fact that’s going to haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Some folks seem to be of the opinion that killing off Timothy in such a brutal manner was way too much, even by The Boys‘ standards.

As hard as it might be to believe, Timothy already has his own fan art.

Rest in peace, Timothy. We’ll never forget you.

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