The Big Difference Between Hughie’s Powers In The Boys Show And Comic Explained

First off, the actual power Hughie possesses is a little different than comic readers will remember, but superhuman strength and durability carry over in both iterations. After being injected with Temp V, Hughie becomes strong enough to punch a hole in a man’s chest. In the show, the unlucky victim is a lab guard in the Russian-controlled facility that hides Soldier Boy, whereas in the comics Hughie takes down an actual supe with his punch — Teenage Kix member Blarney Cock.

Other than whose abdomen he puts his arm through, what else is different about Hughie’s power? In the show, he also has the ability to teleport. Hughie can now disappear from one place and appear in another, with the minor caveat of losing his clothes in the process. The irony of this bonus power is hilarious — before being sucked into Butcher’s orbit, Hughie’s first instinct has always been to run away from danger. Now he has a power that lets him either dart the hell out of a bad situation or leap into battle.

There’s also another layer of intrigue: Hughie’s power resembles A-Train’s, the very supe who put him on this path in the first place by killing his girlfriend. Similarly, Butcher’s tangle with the V gives him laser eyes that are a lot like Homelander’s, making him a mirror of the supe who ruined and continuously haunts his life. It’s almost like there’s a lesson to be learned about not becoming the thing you hate. Mother’s Milk even tries to point this out to them (“the whole point of what we do is that no one should have that kind of power”), but it might be a while before Hughie and Butcher hear logic.

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