Superman & Lois Explores the Human Cost of Superhero Stories

I doubt I’m the only Superman & Lois viewer surprised by how invested they’ve become in the Cushings’ marriage over the past two seasons, a relationship that has turned out to be as moving and multifaceted as that between central couple Clark and Lois. 

“Em and I discuss this all the time, we love that we’re getting to deal with all this messiness and this unfortunately true-to-life situation right now,” Valdez says. “It’s not always puppies and rainbows.”

Unfortunately, things aren’t so great right now for Lana and Kyle. She asked him to move out after discovering his infidelity, and though the two are cordial to one another and active co-parents, there’s not much hint yet about what the future holds for their relationship. And although Valdez still sees reason to believe things will work out, he’s adamant that any sort of healing will take time.

“I think there is hope for them,” he says when asked about the state of the Cushings’ marriage. “I do know they love each other deeply. And I think a lot of the fans really want to see a reconciliation. People make mistakes, and I love the fact that this isn’t being buttoned up in a two- or a three-episode arc. I like the fact that we’re getting to live in this for a while.”

And of course, there’s the question of Lana keeping Clark’s secret, and how Kyle might react to learning that truth. But, according to Valdez, he thinks his alter ego will handle this more calmly than many might expect—and that’s because he’s grown so much over the course of the show.

“I think old Kyle would’ve compared his secrets to her secrets, and it would’ve been an argument of, “well, I did this, and you did that”, and I don’t think we’re going to see that,” he says. “I think Kyle’s evolved. I do think it’s going to mess with his psyche quite a bit…I feel like deep down inside, he’s always, maybe, felt like he was second choice to Clark from high school so when he learns about all of this stuff, I feel a few of those intrusive thoughts are going to pop into his mind. But I think he’s matured and I think his priority will be to be there for Lana.”

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