Stranger Things 4 And Jurassic World Dominion Reviews

Monsters Galore! New Ghostbusters Projects & Stranger Things 4 And Jurassic World Dominion Reviews | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast

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Only the dynamic duo this week (sorry fans),  Danny (@dannykbartlett) and Nick (@geekyNICKDOLL). Never fear (unless you’re afraid of aliens, ghosts, dinosaurs, or Upside Down creatures), the pair are here to give you hot Stranger Things 4 and Jurassic World Dominion reviews! As well as some monstrous news.

We discuss the most recent news concerning Top Gun: Maverick – the office office and a recent lawsuit that could ground the franchise. Next, we give you our takes on two new Ghostbusters projects, an animated Netflix TV series, an animated film and the Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel, codenamed “Firehouse.” Also in tentpole films, Marvel’s Thunderbolts now has a director and writer.

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As always, we also have plenty of trailers to discuss including Nope, Black Adam, and Stranger Things 4 Volume 2.

Speaking of Stranger Things 4, Danny and Nick present Stranger Things 4 Volume 1 and Jurassic World Dominion reviews.

(00:00)- Intro & Top Gun: Maverick Box Office Success And Lawsuit

(11:43)- New Ghostbusters Projects From Sony: Afterlife Sequel, Animated Movie, And Animated Series

(22:54)- Thunderbolts Movie Announced For The MCU

(30:58)- Black Adam Trailer Reaction And Discussion

(39:52)- Nope Trailer Reaction And Discussion

(44:40)- Stranger Things 4 Part 2 Teaser Reaction And Discussion

(46:46)- Stranger Things 4 Part 1 Review (Spoiler Free)

(54:35)- Stranger Things 4 Part 1 Review (SPOILERS)

(01:05:42)- Jurassic World: Dominion Review (Spoiler Free)

(01:12:20)- Jurassic World: Dominion Review (SPOILERS)

(01:20:52)- Final Thoughts

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