Stardock Shares Plans for First Post-Launch Update of GALACTIC CIVILIZATIONS IV — GeekTyrant

Stardock launched Galactic Civilizations IV towards the end of April and they recently shared the details for the first post-launch update. The update (v1.03) will address concerns and wants of the community. One major aspect is that players will be able to share their unique civilizations so that others can enjoy your designs. In addition, dynamic events are getting enhanced based on feedback received in forums, Discord, and more. Other changes include more anomaly events have been added to increase the variety found in space exploration, slower enemy ships in your territory, and more. The full changelog for v1.03 is available on the official Galactic Civilizations IV site.

In Galactic Civilizations IV, players spread their civilization out from their home planet, exploring, researching new technology, and eventually clashing with neighboring civilizations. Dominate the known universe through colonization, trade, diplomacy, intrigue, and war in this next installment of the Galactic Civilizations franchise, which adds more in-depth research options, story-driven missions, and a new 4-axis ideology system to fully immerse players in their role as a galactic leader.

Have you enjoyed Galactic Civilizations IV so far? What are you hoping to see from this and future updates?

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