Shark In Pool Means BLOOD IN THE WATER

I only found out this movie existed about ten minutes ago, so of course I had to share it with you guys straight away. Blood in the Water is a 2022 British horror thriller about a sociopath who kidnaps six people and feeds them one by one to a shark. Yes. This movie actually exists. I am not making this up.

I call the big one Bitey!

It is directed by the excellently named Dominic Nutter, who directed the straight to video awfulness that was Jurassic Island from a screenplay co-written by Matthew B.C. (Exorcist Vengeance, The Offering, Medusa… no, me neither!) and Dominic Ellis. It is produced by Scott Jeffrey and Rebecca Matthews.

Zara is a young woman with a dark secret. Her life is abruptly interrupted when a masked sociopath, breaks into her flat, knocks her out and chains her up next to a swimming pool along with five strangers. Soon, they realise they are not alone as the final member of the congregation is revealed: a terrifying Great White shark.

A juvenile white shark, rescued and held in a salt water pool in Sydney, Australia

The game of the unseen sociopath then becomes clear as each of them is chosen one at a time to be dragged into the pool to become shark food. As blood is spilt and the numbers dwindle, Zara learns that, in order to find true redemption, she will have to bare all and leave her fate in the hands of the sociopath and, more crucially, the shark that waits in the water…


Questions. I have so many questions. Where does one find a Great White in Britain, and how does one get it into a swimming pool are the first two that spring to mind?

Shark movies are notoriously difficult to get right, with there only being one truly great shark movie in existence, a handful of OK movies and then hundreds of completely terrible attempts.

Blood In The Water stars Hannah Ponting, Jamie Robertson, Andrew Rolfe, Amanda-Jade Tyler, Georgie Banks, Faith Kiggundu, Michael Hoad, and Brendan Jones. Blood in the Water will be released online on September 2, 2022, but it gets even better than that. I just had to look into this more, and I discovered there is a trailer.

It looks absolutely awful. I am in!

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