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According to the latest Barside Buzz Sam Wilson’s comic book love interest is rumored to be in Captain America: New World Order. Insiders at TCC claim sources have informed them that the role of Leila Taylor is being cast for the movie. Leila is a known love interest of Sam Wilson from the comic books. Here is what the outlet had to say.

I have exclusively learned of a new but established Marvel comics character who will be appearing in the film as well – Leila Taylor.

Although, as the outlet themselves points out, a recent casting call shared by Daniel RPK on his Patreon had another potential love interest.

Diamondback is a character it appears they’re casting and the notes say a possible love interest, and villain for Sam. However as TCC points out, Diamondback had no love connection to Sam in the comics, it was Steve Rogers. Whereas Leila Taylor did with Sam specifically. However there is always the chance that Sam will have two potential love interests developing in this movie. The good woman in Leila, the bad girl in Diamondback. Or, perhaps Marvel is mixing it up and making Leila Diamondback? No one is claiming that by the way, I’m just throwing it out there as a what if?

It’s also worth pointing out that TCC back Daniel RPK by saying they also heard Diamondback was in the movie.

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TCC has also heard a rumored name attached to Leila. They’re not as confident of the casting as they are the rumor the character is in the movie. However the name they have heard is Xosha Roquemore. I’ve not come across Roquemore before, so I won’t pretend to have an opinion on an unknown actress playing a minor role in a movie.

I like the idea of Sam having two women he starts to have feelings for, but there being complications in the way of both. It’s interesting personal dynamic to build on for the character’s future. Well, if its written well that is.

What do you think of Sam Wilson’s comic book love interest rumored to be in Captain America: New World Order? Any deep dive huge fans of Leila Taylor out there? Thought not. Leave any thoughts below.

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