Penn Badgley Might Move Behind The Camera After Finale Season Of You

Whether it’s shying away from the camera or pure creative inspiration that’s motivating Badgley’s career pivot, he’s definitely proved his directorial and producer chops on the set of “You.” Still, the actor doubts that he will end up directing more episodes of the series.

“I don’t know if I can direct more of this show because I’m not able to watch enough, just from a purely practical standpoint,” he admitted to IndieWire. “There’s not enough time for me to watch every take, so therefore I’m kind of directing with my eyes closed a little bit […] I loved stepping behind the camera. But I think it’s maybe being a bit much, being Joe and directing. I had no time at all. I had no time for life for about four weeks.”

However, that doesn’t mean that Badgley won’t be putting the director’s hat back on in the near future. “I’m definitely going to direct more,” he revealed. “I would love to direct something else. Features, probably.”

Perhaps Badgley’s directorial debut will be the adaptation of “Jamboree,” or maybe it will be something else entirely. He floated an idea on his podcast Podcrushed for “something that intersects with social issues, the story of a journalist, something like that,” and teased a foray into writing in the future. 

Whether it’s journalism or “Jamboree,” director Badgley’s first film is sure to make waves. The star has proven his prowess on both sides of the camera in recent years. His fans might miss seeing him on their screens at home, but he could end up shooting his most successful project to date from the other end of the lens.

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