Nostalgia, Ready! Meet The New Gladiators


Livi Sheldon’s beauty and indestructibility earn her the name Diamond, and she likes to pass this strength and ability to “glow up” to other women in her work as an online fitness coach. 

She’s also a 6-foot tall bodybuilder, turning childhood taunts about her height into one of her superpowers, and her passion for sports began when she insisted on joining the boys’ football team aged six, so she’s not to be messed with. She’s one of the younger and least-established Gladiators announced so far – but could she be the dark horse of the competition?


Sheli McCoy chose the name Sabre because they’re both fierce, fearless, and ferocious! A Dundee gym owner and former Scottish champion in both CrossFit and weightlifting, she trains for up to 19 hours a week. 

She’s also big on inspiring young girls to be confident, powerful athletes – something she does via her 100K-strong Instagram following – and cites the Gladiators as her own inspiration for this growing up.


Like Legend, Alex Gray is backing himself from the start, choosing the name Apollo because of his speed and “cheeky good looks of a Greek god”.

He started out as a rugby player, including a three-year stint on the England 7s team, and then moved Stateside to become the first British rugby player to transfer to the NFL. Playing for the Atlanta Falcons, he also became the first international player to captain an NFL team, but he’s described becoming a Gladiator as “absolutely the greatest” thing he’s ever done.

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