New Smartphone Product Allows People To Kiss Each Other Using Their Phones — GeekTyrant

Sometimes things are developed that take things to ridiculous weird levels. A new smartphone product has been invented to help couples who are away from each other kiss using their phones.

The news of this thing comes from South China Morning Post, and the remote kissing device was created by a Chinese university student named Jiang, as a way to allow him to be intimate with his long-distance girlfriend.

So how does it work? You plug in paired smartphones and you can virtually kiss your partner with human-looking plastic lips. it can “mimic and transfer the kiss of a person to the mouth on the other side.”

Each one costs about $38 and you can watch the super weird video below! I just don’t know anymore, people are just getting too crazy for me. This just seems like a joke, but it’s real, and people will use it!

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