MS. MARVEL Episode 1 Review

Not terrible. That’s about the best I can say. Quite frankly Ms. Marvel is a difficult review because of how derivative it is. What I don’t understand is the desire to turn an already woke character into more woke. For instance Kamala in the comics is pretty lean. In the show she’s… thicker?

She doesn’t resemble the actual character at all. In the comics, following Marvel’s Infinity storyline when the Terrigen Mists are released, Kamala’s dormant Inhuman abilities are activated by the Mists on a rare night when Khan decides to be rebellious and sneak out after her parents forbid her from attending a high school party.

Here, in the show, she has to put on a bracelet.

Ms Marvel
Seriously, how do you woke up something already woke? Well here you go.

Honestly I was so in and out of this thing that I’m not even sure where she got the bracelet, I think it was their attic or something? The rest is pretty standard stuff. The Muslim thing is treated pretty much like how they used to portray Christian households in TV and film. The father is nice, the mother is overbearing, and Kamala just wants people to understand her.

Her parents try but they…. ah, you know how it works. They are well-meaning but embarrass her and she doesn’t appreciate their efforts. Yawn.


She and her best friend sneak out to AvengersCon. I could see this being a thing but I can’t see how they are so familiar with the Guardians Of The Galaxy. How do they know so much about Gamora that people are cosplaying as her? There are portraits of Groot. Not new-Groot, the OG Groot. Weird. Were they really known on Earth? Iron Man, sure. Drax?

Her powers from the bracelet manifest at AvengersCon and she has to save someone from her high-school class from a mess she created. Oh, and the girl is really terrible to her because she doesn’t recognize her name written in her language on her necklace. And she’s white I guess, I don’t know. Forced? You bet.

It has a lot of in-scene moments of animation because Kamala likes to draw. It looks ripped off from the Spider-Man and Shazam end credits. Oy!

Honestly, I was totally bored. It wasn’t awful, it wasn’t great, it’s a thing. It’s moving images put together in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion. So I give it an average rating. Dead centre. I can’t muster anymore words to type, so good luck.

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