Marvel’s Avengers’ Lady Thor Is Slated to Release Soon

Crystal Dynamics has been tight-lipped about Lady Thor, Marvel’s Avengers‘ next playable hero. However, the studio revealed that she’ll be in the game by the end of the month, saying she will arrive in “late June.” A more specific date was not given nor were any pictures of the hero in action.

Crystal elaborated on this on its June update post. She will be fully voiced (although the actor hasn’t been confirmed) and have her own gear, abilities, emotes, takedowns, nameplates, Hero Challenge Card, and a new chain of Heroic missions, all with cosmetics and lore items that describe how this Lady Thor came to the game’s world. She will even have “Jane-specific remixes” of some of Thor’s takedowns and emotes.

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The post then dove into some of Lady Thor’s abilities and once again stated that she will “naturally echo the Odinson’s.” Crystal then named two her Intrinsic and Overcharge abilities — All-Mother’s Blessing and God Tempest, respectively — but didn’t go into detail on how they work. However, her Ultimate, the All-Weapon, will draw from the comics as she smites enemies with Undrjarn and Mjölnir. Undrjarn was created from the shards of Mjölnir and was allegedly found in a recent datamine. Her other attacks are a mix of new and “familiar” moves.

There will be a deep dive of her moves in an upcoming gameplay video, trailer, live stream, and dev blog. But, again, Crystal did not provide concrete dates.

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The post also briefly touched on what’s in store beyond the next update. The studio is adding to game’s narrative through “hero and villain-centric content.” There will be a Warzone that will touch on what happened to M.O.D.O.K. after his Kree Sentinel was defeated. There will also be the Cloning Lab mode, endgame content that will reward players with powerful and exotic gear. Crystal did redesign Cloning Lab after it no longer met its standards and overarching villain-centric directive, but it said it believes these new changes will “make for a much more satisfying and meaningful Omega Level Threat experience.”

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