“LOTR: Return to Moria” Game Announced

Free Range Games

Free Range Games and North Beach Games have announced “The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria,” a new survival crafting game due for release in Spring 2023.

The story is set in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth as Lord Gimli Lockbearer summons you to take control of a group of Dwarves who must head to the lost dwarven kingdom deep in Khazad-dum to reclaim their home in the wake of Sauron’s defeat.

Players can build their own dwarf adventurer from scratch and then take a crack at the Moria mines in search of ore, jewels, and precious metals. Inspired by the likes of “Deep Rock Galactic,” players can explore a procedurally generated environment to filled with artifacts straight from Middle-earth’s long history.

A trailer, which premiered during the Epic Games showcase as part of Summer Game Fest, will debut on the Epic Games Store exclusively in 2023 and is set for a PC release only initially.

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