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We didn’t really land on a topic this week for the Last Movie Outpost Livestream, so we’re asking a question. Are we, including you, the readers, just a bunch of cranky old men who hate everything?

Don’t just sit there and say yes. We like some stuff, old fashioned movies, you know, from the 80s.

Seriously though, there are new generations that seem to grow up and buy into whatever it is Hollywood is selling. Franchises like Fast & Furious, relaunched Halloween, and Scream all seem to get sequel after sequel. Someone is watching them or they would stop making them.

Just because they are making them, it doesn’t mean they are good. If you’ve seen my reviews of Obi Wan, you know I am not a fan. That’s not because I hate Disney or Star Wars, it’s just that they aren’t very good. Yet some out there though love the new series and think it’s the greatest thing ever!

Is it a cult?

Are we right to be down on new shows, new series and new movies? Are we just miserable old men who want to make everyone as miserable as we are? Or are we just being honest? We even had a big debate about it a couple of weeks ago, so now we carry that on.

Join us on the Livestream this evening as we discuss certain new shows and movies and ask if we are being too harsh on them.

It starts at 12pm CST and 6pm UK time

Be there AND be square.

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