Josh Brolin Is Worried There Will Never Be A Sicario 3, And Now So Are We

To Josh Brolin’s point about the money, “Sicario” earned $84 million at the global box office against a reported $30 million budget. That was enough to get “Day of the Soldado” made, which pulled in a slightly-less-great $76 million against a reported $35 million budget. It’s also worth noting that the sequel was not as roundly acclaimed as its predecessor. Those are not bad returns for a mid-budget film, however, as other revenue streams such as Blu-ray sales and cable rights probably helped them turn a profit.

The unfortunate thing is that the pandemic upended many of Hollywood’s plans when it hit in 2020. Because of that, it took a while for studios to get back on track. Now, we’ve had a five-year gap, and not only are mid-budget movies a tougher sell for studios in some cases, but a sequel to a middling pre-pandemic success feels like an exceptionally difficult sales pitch. Given the length of time, it’s hard to imagine that this sequel will ever get made.

For what it’s worth, Brolin said last year that they’ve “written” and “rewritten” a script for the third film, so a story is out there. Even so, it just doesn’t feel like the sort of thing that Sony is going to pull the trigger on anytime soon. Frankly, “Sicario 3” might make more sense as a low-budget, direct-to-video play now, sort of like that recent “R.I.P.D.” sequel that seemingly nobody asked for. But DTV is likely not something anyone involved in the “Scicario” franchise would be interested in doing. Given that, perhaps it’s best just to let it die, disappointing as that may be.

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