Joker 2 – Did Todd Phillips Just Confirm A Script?

Did Todd Phillips just confirm a script for Joker 2 on Instagram? It certainly looks like it to me, unless it’s a prank, and this is the wrong part of Spring for that kind of prank. As you can see below, Phillips who helmed Joker for WB/D to great success posted on his Instagram, what looks like a script,

The title of that script is Joker: Folie à Deux, which roughly translates to Joker: Madness of Two. The script was it seems written by Phillips alongside Scott Silver, check it out.

It was rumored that WB offered star Joaquin Phoenix a huge deal to sign on for a Joker led trilogy, perhaps this is part 2 we are seeing? Until we get some kind of official notice, we can only speculate, but I’d be surprised if this isn’t made official soon by WB/D.

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As for what we could get in this sequel, who knows. However I know what I’d like to see, love to see in fact, especially with a title like Madness of Two. I’d love to see Batman show up, but not as a main character. The movie would still be about Joker. However there is this other, intriguing, crazy man out there dressing as a Bat and taking down criminals. Hey, maybe that’s just me, but a Batman treated almost like a horror monster instead of a character whom we spend time with is compelling.

Joker was a good movie, but a movie I’ve watched once and likely would never watch again. It just never had that re-watchability factor for me. However I am definitely keen to see where a sequel would go.

What do you think? Did Todd Phillips just confirm a script for Joker 2, aka Joker: Folie à Deux? As always, leave us your thoughts below, or over on Discord.

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