Japanese Fashion Company’s Wearable Beanbags Makes Good Goomba Cosplay

Image via Reuters and Nintendo

Fashion is such an interesting concept. On one hand, it’s something we wear every day and sometimes the weather/season would dictate which pieces of fabric would be appropriate. And on the other hand, fashion designers and brands would showcase weird and whacky designs as some sort of teaser of their next fashion line. And then enters Japan, which managed to combine both “comfort” and “utility” in everyday clothing. But it also created something that you’re more likely to wear at home.

Reuters reported a Japanese clothing brand, Takikou Sewing, is now selling “wearable beanbags.” Yes, beanbags that you can wear around your body. The purpose of these clothing items is simple — you wear these beanbag-like bodysuits and the user can lie on the floor without any discomfort, just like a real beanbag.

And while this is one way to feel comfortable at your own home, it does have a certain shape to it, doesn’t it?

While the idea of wearing a beanbag might be somewhat convenient, especially for someone with a lot of closet space but not floor space, a handful of people realized that the people in the video look like they’re cosplaying certain pop-culture characters. Some names like Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Big Hero 6‘s Beymax were uttered. But the first character that came to mind is Mario’s very own Goomba.

But despite what you think, Reuters reported that this brand-new fashion item has gone viral on Japanese social media for its comfort and utility. Takikou Sewing’s spokesperson told Reuters that the concept of this fashion item sparked when the designer thought of “a pillow that would allow you to totally let go, anytime, anywhere.”

The Japanese clothing company is selling these wearable beanbags in children, medium, and adult sizes for $120 a pop. It may look heavy, but it’s actually pretty light and could keep you warm. Perhaps this is something to consider if you’re running out of space at home. Or maybe you’re after a quick cosplay item for your next convention.

Source : https://wegotthiscovered.com/social-media/people-can-cosplay-as-goomba-thanks-to-new-japanese-fashion-item/

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