I Was LAST SEEN ALIVE Reviewing This

Many movies have had the same premise as Last Seen Alive. They often do a great job with being realistic with the possibility of people going missing, and the fear that comes with it. This movie holds up well with the best of them, even through some weird moments.

Last Seen Alive stars Gerald Butler, who to me is one of the great modern day action heroes of movies. I say that knowing he was in that trainwreck Gamer, but I digress. He’s without a doubt the best part of this movie. He play’s Will, a real estate developer. The movie also stars Jaimie Alexander as his wife, Lisa.

Their marriage seems to be held together by a string as they’re on the road to her parents house, where she plans to stay for a while. Throughout the movie, Will has moments thinking about their relationship. This gives us some idea of what exactly happened to get them to this point. These moments serve a backstory well enough, but still leaves a lot unanswered, possibly by design.


They stop at a gas station near her parents house, he pumps the gas while she goes inside to use the restroom. She’s stopped by someone while heading out the door and from there, she vanishes.

He does everything as one would. He waits a round a bit, then goes in and searches the gas station and restrooms, asks people if they’ve seen her and even starts checking the parking lot. Finally he calls the police (Russell Hornsby) who,  of course, tell him to sit tight.

After a bit of waiting, he heads to her parents house nearby (Bruce Altman and Cindy Hogan) to check if she walked there.

It’s during his interaction with them that one of the weird moments in this movie occurs.

He’s explaining what happened and how he called the police. It’s hard to explain, but they seem friendly at first and then suddenly get defensive, asking if he’s saying it’s their fault she’s missing.

After Will leaves, they say he was acting odd and the mother says that she doesn’t know if she believes Will called the police.


The whole exchange was strange. It seemed like it was trying to show that the parents know of the marriage troubles and have a bit of a adversarial relationship with him. It’s possible that there may have been more here that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Will meets with the police and there’s some interactions. Clearly the police believe he has something to do with her disappearance as they find out about the marriage problems. Will seemingly becomes their number one suspect, but then he finally gets the lead that he needs and sets out to find what happened.

From this point he is basically taking the law into his own hands, and inadvertently causing the authorities to go after him.

The story is as straightforward as you would expect for this type of movie. Butler is great, coming off as a frantic husband searching for his missing wife. He’ll clearly go to any means necessary to find her. The down to Earth grittiness makes for a good thriller that feels realistic, like this could actually happen.

Butler holds this movie together and it plays out well enough to keep you engaged. It fits perfectly as a streaming movie, while sitting on the couch and eating some popcorn.

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