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Web developers are vital in today’s digital society as they ensure the stability of platforms that we use to store our data. There are various competencies that every aspiring web developer must have. This post guides you on how the Certbolt can help you develop the most critical web development skills. Read on to have an idea of what the test concerns as well as how it can help you build a profession in the web development domain. 

What’s the Test About?

The AZ-500 Practice Test evaluation introduces the test-takers to programming with the use of HTML as well as CSS. That’s why it’s named ‘Introduction to Programming Using HTML & CSS’. The successful completion of this exam leads to awarding the MTA: Introduction to Programming Using HTML & Certbolt Microsoft AZ 500 Practice

To sit for the evaluation, you’re required to schedule it and pay a registration fee of $127. However, taking the exam is only possible for anyone who did their scheduling before 30th June 2021 as it officially retires on 30th June 2022.

There are 40-60 questions you’ll find in the AZ-900 Practice Test, with the testing session closing after 45 minutes. You’ll have to ensure you hit a minimum passing score of 700 points to get certified. 

What Does a Web Developer with Skills in HTML & CSS Do?

The 98-383 test is essential for every developer who wishes to be a valuable asset to his/her team. A web developer with skills in Certbolt Microsoft AZ 900 Practice is responsible for creating, updating, and testing, or refining websites as well as applications. Your duties in the space of a web development career are centered on the front-end covering web and application development.

You’ll be programming and developing websites with the use of MD-100 Practice Test  and CSS languages. Ideally, you’ll be operating within a specific framework and you’ll be adding or editing the code so that you can create a system or website that goes with your employer’s or client’s needs. 

You’ll also be utilizing computer software in adding visual elements as well as testing your code. Also, a developer using Certbolt Microsoft MD 100 Practice can sometimes deal with configuring web-master facing apps dedicated to collecting data or advertisements. 

How the 98-383 Test Can Help You Become a Web Developer

The outline for the 98-383 evaluation spells out a number of fields that must be captured well by all candidates. Its attention is on matters MS-100 Practice Test as well as CSS basics, how to present multimedia while using HTML, how to structure documents while using HTML, and how to style webpages while using CSS. 

The skills received while preparing for the 98-383 test as well as the associated entry-level designation provide you with the first step to becoming a web developer. You need to update your resume so that it shows your current status as a certified individual. If you have any past projects that you’ve handled, it’s best to have them as part of your portfolio. 

You can share your qualifications and portfolio with your potential clients and employers. This is how you can land a job as a web developer. The role comes with many benefits, including decent pay. Thus, Certbolt Microsoft MS 100 Practice records that entry-level web developers get about $57k yearly. 


Web development is a dynamic field and that’s why you need to constantly acquire new skills to be successful in it. The Certbolt Microsoft AZ-400 Practice offers you the best way to become a web developer. It provides a great entry point to this demanding but exciting career world. Take the evaluation today and begin your career journey as soon as possible!

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