DeWalt Batteries: work long and productively

Benefits of DeWalt Batteries

Batteries are indispensable accessories for a large number of devices, including lawnmowers, trimmers, saws, drills, and screwdrivers. If you want them to work long and productively, make sure you have a proper DeWalt battery charger and batteries.

Modern developments of the company, which are based on XR Li-Ion technology, have the following advantages:

  • Large capacity. A fully charged battery allows you to work actively for a long time. The operating time depends on the battery capacity and the type of instrument. It can be from 20 minutes to several hours.
  • Convenient operation. Batteries are fully compatible with the equipment and accessories of this manufacturer. Special attention should be paid to the presence of an LED indicator. It shows the charge level and allows the user to accurately determine the remaining time for work. Devices do not self-discharge and have no memory effect.
  • Compact dimensions. Small dimensions and weight make the batteries easy to use and do not weigh down the tools.

Battery Types

The manufacturer offers a wide range of batteries with different voltages. Depending on the chosen tool, the characteristics of the garden plot, and the tasks set, you can order:

  • 10.8v
  • 12v
  • DeWalt 18v battery
  • 54v

DeWalt products are simple and efficient devices that are appreciated by ordinary users and professional craftsmen. With their help, your tools will always be ready for any amount of work! All you need is to choose the right model and decide on the features, taking into account the characteristics of the territory.

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