Adam Sandler Bought This Gift for Hustle Co-Star Queen Latifah – The Hollywood Reporter

Queen Latifah is about to get the chance to walk a mile in Adam Sandler’s shoes.

Latifah visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, where she chatted with host Jimmy Kimmel about Hustle, the LeBron James-produced Netflix drama in which she stars opposite Sandler, who plays a struggling basketball scout. Kimmel seemed to find it amusing that the stars play husband and wife in the film, with the host asking her, “Did you ever imagine you’d be playing Adam Sandler’s significant other?”

But the Equalizer star made it clear that their connection extended far beyond the set. “I love Adam Sandler — come on,” she said. “How can you not love Adam Sandler?”

She went on to share that the Grown Ups performer asked his team to hook Latifah up after she complimented a red pair of shoes he was wearing. “I was admiring his sneakers earlier today,” Latifah continued about Sandler, who is known for his low-key streetwear. “He was like, ‘Hey, go to the store, get Queen a couple of pair of these.’ And they just showed up in my room.” She added with a laugh, “So he’s a good provider, and I appreciate that.”

Kimmel was then curious whether Sandler just got lucky with the shoe size. “He asked my size,” she recalled. “I’m like, ‘This is happening right now.’”

During the film’s Los Angeles premiere that took place the day before, Latifah told The Hollywood Reporter that she respects her co-star for tackling material outside of his typical comedy wheelhouse. “I like him being able to show different sides of who he is and get to flex different muscles as well,” she said.

Hustle hits Netflix on June 8.

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