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Today, BFR says one of their trusted sources has told them that Todd Phillips, the director of Joker, is developing a Two-Face movie to expand the *rolls eyes* Jokerverse. This is completely unsubstantiated from the internet so, as usual, this is rumor control.

Rumor Two face

New WB head honcho David Zaslav seems to have a huge shovel and is content on clearing out piles and piles of crap from the existing Warner Bros incumbents. One of those pieces of crap is potentially J.J. Abrams who’s days at WB could be numbered. Zaslav is apparently lining up Todd Phillips for a larger DC role moving forward.

Harvey, Harvey, Harvey Dent

According to BFR, the Two-Face movie will take the same gritty approach as Joker and will be set in the same world. Given the portrayal of Gotham City as a crime-ridden shithole in Phillips’ Joker, it makes sense for the need of an idealistic do-gooder like District Attorney Harvey Dent.

Two Face has previously played by Tommy Lee Jones in the abysmal Batman Forever, and again by Aaron Eckhart in The Dark Knight. Eckhart’s portrayal of Dent / Two-Face was outstanding work and I feel the actor lacked the recognition he deserved because Heath Ledger’s now immortal take on the Joker overshadowed everyone else in that movie.


The Jokerve… I Can’t Even Type It!

This news follows Stark’s recent article that mentioned that Philips is developing a sequel to his surprise hit called Joker: Folie a Deux.

Joker went on to gross a billion bucks having been made for just $55M and won two Oscars – Best Actor and Best Original Score. So it’s of very little surprise they not only want a sequel, but to expand further into that world.

No doubt Dent will still be a man on a mission to make Gotham a better place and bring justice to criminals. Very much like Batman, but legal. Through various interpretations over the years, Dent is horrifically scarred across one side of his face which drives him to insanity and leads to him becoming one of Batman’s arch enemies.


A Fourth Batman?

In the comics, Harvey Dent and Bruce Wayne are friends, but we know from Joker that Bruce Wayne is still a kid in this world so things will have a slightly different take. I’m interested to see how Joker 2 and Two-Face tie in with the eventual emergence of Batman.

One take would be to continue on the current Joker timeline and have him and Two-Face run amok over Gotham sending it further into despair and ruin. This would only add to Bruce’s anger over the loss of his parents and destruction of his city. A good story arc for him donning the cape and cowl several years down the line.

Alternatively we will get a time jump of a decade or more over the course of Joker: Folie a Deux which could be the reason for Dent taking up his crusade against the criminal underworld, while simultaneously Bruce is maturing in the background and training to become Bats.

The issue, of course, is this would make Joker about 60 years old and Philips’ Batman in his late 20s, far too similar to Pattinson’s The Batman. Add that to the return of Michael Keaton and Affleck’s rumored role in The Flash (I’ll be surprised if that film sees the light of day, given recent news) we would then have four Batman’s currently on screen in various universes.

This makes my head hurt. Over to you in the comments section.


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