3 James Bond Scenes We Can Never Forget

Spanning twenty-five films across over sixty years, it’s fair to say that the 007 franchise has struck something of a chord with certain audiences.

While the iconography of the series might immediately come to mind when you think about what’s famous about them, these films didn’t win the hearts of critics and fans alike without the help of memorable scenes.

Casting your mind back over what some of these might have been might have you nostalgic enough to watch them all over again – or, alternatively, if you’re a first-time viewer, curious enough to finally check out what the series is all about. In either situation, part of the joy of how they’re structured means you can jump in just about anywhere – that being said, there will be spoilers for the franchise.

007 vs LeChiffre – Casino Royale (2006)

LeChiffre, as a villain, is notable for many reasons. The performance behind the character from actor Mads Mikkelsen proved as memorable as any fan could hope for, and while many Bond villains are famous for their over-the-top schemes and positions, the face-off between Bond and this antagonist is fairly muted in comparison.

Taking place in a Montenegro casino, the tension arises from how the bluffing – trying to understand what the other knows – works its way into the broader plot of espionage that escalates throughout the film. While heading off to Montenegro might be a tall order for Bond fans based in Australia and New Zealand, you might find that some of the games available through platforms like jackpotcitycasino.com can help to emulate some of the excitement on offer in this scene. With an enormous variety of games on offer, from slots to live dealers, and an accumulating jackpot on offer, you might find that exploring this interest makes the most sense with such a trusted and secure venue. With a number of other themed games available as well, there is ample room for you to explore interests you have that lie outside of the Bond franchise.

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Die – Goldfinger (1964)

Looking back to the origins of the 007 film franchise can draw attention to one of the most iconic scenes that the franchise has ever come out with. This quote might be immediately recognisable, not only to Bond fans but to those who have never watched a single moment from any of the films. It’s a scene that has been parodied in such a variety of media that it’s become a pop culture reference.

Many have argued that Goldfinger is the film where the franchise starts to take shape as the juggernaut it’s known as today, and this scene has it all – a menacing villain, seemingly unsurmountable odds, and an elaborate murder method that leaves just enough room for Bond to escape and prevail, despite conventional logic arguing otherwise. Still, the suspension of disbelief required here is arguably something that adds to the classic Bond aesthetic and tone.

End of an Era – No Time to Die (2021)

While the passing of the torch between Bond actors is a staple of the franchise, it’s never something that’s ever really been addressed directly. This changed with the end of Daniel Craig’s fifteen-year run as the character. In his fifth and final appearance as Bond, this rendition of the character met a surprising end at the conclusion of the film in an emotional scene that gave weight to the conflict before it.

While this scene in itself is something that many would consider a fitting conclusion for the film and character, it does beg the question, what’s next? Bond will continue; there’s little doubt about that, but what form will that continuation take with the character so definitively written out? Time will tell.

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